Monday, September 17, 2007

Worth The Trip

Put Down That Nasty Cart Stuff, Maoz Is Simply NYC's Best Falafel

It wans't long ago I was hanging out in Amsterdam near the T.O. Centraal Station, figuring out how to get to my hotel. Hungry for something, I spotted a small falafel kiosk across the street with a line out the door. Hmmmmm. More often then not, lines = good food.

Little did I know that the Maoz kiosk right there in Amsterdam would change my life. Yes, for a lover of falafel, it simply is the best, anywhere. I would wind up eating there 4 times in 5 days.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that Maoz, the little falafel shop that could, was opening in NYC... incredible.

Over the weekend (on my way to watch my New Orleans Saints at a downtown sports bar) I made a little detour to the Union Square area to grab one of these gems, and wasn't disappointed. They are still simply the best.

What makes them special?

To begin, it's the falafel itself. This isn't grainy, bland stuff. This chickpea blend is moist on the inside, not dry... and crunchy on the outside. The mixture is spiced with a great blend of spices... and it is served hot. It is packed with flavor, which makes for a great sandwich.

Then, you get great fresh pita. White or wheat, name your flavor.

Next, our friends invite you to dress this masterpiece yourself, with a bar of condiments that make you downright giddy. Terrific salsa-type toppings (Chili, cilantro, etc), fresh onions, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage salads, etc..., as well as yogurt and tahini sauces. By the time you are done, you are trying to figure out how to put the damn thing in your mouth.

Now, if you are reading all of this, and it sounds great, but you aren't a falafel fan... listen up. NEITHER WAS I! But there is just something about this sandwich which will convert the biggest of beef lovers.... and it is taste. You owe it to yourself to make the trip and get one of these babies.... you won't be sorry.

Maoz. It really is the world's best falafel, and we have our own store now... right here in NYC.


Being a self proclaimed lover of cart food here in NYC, I had a container of chicken and rice from Shendy's last week (corner of 51st and 6th). Low and behold, it was downright fantastic. Get it with pita and the white sauce. Hell yea.

Sushi hot spot KOI has the famous crispy tuna roll, the sushi that liberated Los Angeles. If you hadn't had yours yet, impress the hell out of your friends and get there.

Eat Out 07 is happening next weekend, so if you need tickets, you can find them here.

I sure as hell hope you use Menupages as often as I do.

If you haven't tried Chicago legend GARRETS POPCORN,now in NYC... you have no idea what you are missing. The blend of cheese, butter and caramel is insane, and will have you waiting in lines you never thought possible....